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What You Need to Get Started Is a Tribe That Has Your Back

“Investing in Real Estate" might sound exciting for some women and overwhelming to others. While some consume an immense amount of content through books, podcasts and courses, others can't even think about the possibility of adding another item to their "to-do list". 

In both cases, the lack of a road map and a community of like-minded people might lead to analysis paralysis. That is exactly why we created the Investher FREE Membership, so you can focus on creating a solid foundation for your business. 

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The most critical first steps you can take when beginning to invest in real estate is getting crystal clear on your money and investing goals. 

Before evaluating the deal itself, it is important to understand the market as the palm of your hand. 

There is a variety of ideas and strategies to find deals and options on financing them. Here is our take on it.

There are two important steps you can take first before wasting your time going inside a property.

Breaking down the numbers is essential to determine if the numbers make sense and also make "cents."

This is a collection of some of our favorite episodes and resources that focus on our three pillars: Real Estate Investing, Business, and Self Care. After reviewing these resources, we ask you to DO something with what you learned. 

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If you are looking for a road map towards financial freedom, SOAR membership is your next step! If you are seeking Mentorship & Accountability, then STRIVE is for you.

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