Our mission is to honor past pioneers, build wealth, give hope, and provide a safe home for women in transition
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All-Woman Real Estate team intends to acquire value-add apartment complexes in selected markets, offer an investment opportunity to accredited investors, and provide a safe and empowering community to our tenants. To complete the 360° investment experience, the project will be recorded in its entirety and will be published within The Real Estate InvestHER and its partners' platforms.

Honor the past: Apartment complexes will be rebranded to honor the names of pioneers, such as justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rosa Parks, who paved the path for us and for those who will come after us.

Leverage the present: Top-notch women's teams will leverage each other's strengths and expertise, and together build wealth, and live life on their own terms.

Ignite the future: offer a safe environment to women in transition by allocating a few units for those in need and providing financial literacy education. Partnerships with the community and local nonprofit organizations will be used to facilitate the process.

Investment opportunities: Offer 506 (c) syndication to accredited investors who also want to join us and share our vision to make a social impact on communities in need. This is also an opportunity for women passive investors to join forces with other women and invest their funds in projects "for and led by" other women.

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We are looking for 75 TO 200 units Class B, C+ in Nashville, Houston, and Atlanta's MSAs.


Anna started investing in real estate over 20 years ago and used her investments to achieve financial freedom to retire from her job at age 44, and pursue her true passion: helping other women, from apartments like she grew up into accredited investors, to create the financial freedom and wealth needed to change their lives. Anna founded Greater Purpose Capital, LLC to fulfill that vision. Through her own holdings and as a General Partner, she has ownership in and asset manage a portfolio of real estate valued at over $160 million. She has invested in over 2000 multi-family doors.

Pilialoha Yarusi loves to help people and “Lead with Aloha”. She is a wife and mommy of three magical kiddos. Pili is a Large Multifamily Owner, Operator and Syndicator. She and her husband Jason founded Yarusi Holdings LLC a Large Multifamily Investment Firm. They have over $75M in AUM across over 850 Multifamily Units. She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings and Multifamily Live. Pili co-hosts several podcasts: Multifamily Live, the Jason and Pili Project, MOM (Moms of Multifamily) and MORE (Moms of Real Estate).

Giang is a scientist and a real estate entrepreneur. She has completed several residential multifamily conversion projects, and built a personal rental portfolio consisting of residential multifamily properties and small apartment buildings around Philadelphia. With over 10-year experience as a researcher, Giang is highly skilled in collecting and analyzing complex data, as well as building and employing financial models. She applies this data-driven approach to help guide the team in identifying key markets across the US and underwriting multifamily syndication opportunities. She also co-hosts a monthly local real estate meetup with over 600 members.

Andresa is a skilled developer and asset manager with extensive experience in full gut renovation projects, new construction, and both residential and commercial development, from $100k to $1MIL construction budget. She owns a rental portfolio, comprising both long- and short-term rentals.

Andresa is the co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate InvestHER® community, a platform to empower women to live a financially free and balanced life on their own terms. She is the co-host of the “The Real Estate InvestHER Show" and recently published InvestHER’s first book which is an Amazon Bestseller, “The Only Woman in the Room - Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Successful Real Estate Women Investors!”


The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine whether you meet the requirements needed in order to invest in potential offerings.

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