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1. Real Estate Investing Secrets: A No B.S. Guide to Creating Wealth & Freedom by Mel Dupuis

In this terrific e-book, Mel Dupuis shares all the secrets to how she and her husband bought 12 properties in 12 months with NO money down!

2. Lessons Learned from Growing a Multifamily Portfolio by Liz Faircloth

In this exclusive 30 minute video presentation, Liz Faircloth, co-founder of the Real Estate InvestHER®, shares tips and strategies along with case studies of her multifamily deals and the key learned lessons from growing from nothing to 1000 units!

3. Deal Package Review for Flips And Rentals using PML by April Crossley

April Crossley's deal analysis template that she uses for buying properties with private money lenders.  Specifically, through a series of inputs this analyzer tool yields the profitability and/or rental cashflow for each deal.


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Ashley L. Wilson, also known as BadAshInvestor, has over ten years of real estate experience and has been involved in over $60 million in transactions with her companies HouseItLook LLC and Bar Down Investments LLC. When Ashley is not working on her businesses, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters and also competing with her horse.




*Contributing Authors: Rebecca L. Rynkiewicz, Leka V. Devatha, Brittany Arnason, Deborah Nye, Corinn Altomare, April Crossley, Grace Yarber, Kathy Fettke, Gertrude Mageza, Rebecca Shea, Maria Friström, Palak Shah, Patricia L. Red Hawk, MD, Rachel Street, Serena Norris, Anna Kelley, Melanie Dupuis, Ashley L. Wilson, Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli




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