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We have over 8k meetup members attending 38+ InvestHER Meetups across the country and Canada. Meetups are being held monthly by experienced InvestHER Leaders! Learn more about our InvestHER leaders, meetup locations, and how to become an InvestHER Leader.

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Weekly show details the journey of amazing women real estate investors around the world, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for growing their portfolio  and the mindset that allows them to run a successful investing business on their own terms.

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We have 7K+ members in our Facebook InvestHER Community group. This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals! This is also a platform where experienced rock stars can share their experience and give back.

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Our mission is to empower women to live a financially free and balanced life and we want to offer you the support you need NOW! We have built a membership designed to help women real estate investors to create steady recurring income so they can live life on their own terms. 

If ou are looking for a roadmap towards financial freedom and on-demand content that you can consume at your own time, "SOAR Membership" is for you. And if you are also looking for mentorship and accountability, "STRIVE Membership" will fulfill your needs.  

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Discover How to Find Success and Overcome Being the Only Woman in the Room

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The journey might look different for each person; however there is a common foundation to become financially free and those are the topics we are exploring on the InvestHER Guide to Financial Freedom. We have prepare this document thinking about who you need to be in order to have what you you want. We kept in mind that nothing is worth living if is not own our OWN terms. Enjoy!

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How to Create Recurring Income Without Compromising Your Terms

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About us

Our mission is to support and inspire WOMEN real estate investors around the globe to live a financially free and balanced life. We are dedicated to creating empowering online and in-person communities where WOMEN have a non-intimidating environment to ask questions and receive the support they need. Our vision is to see all WOMAN investors achieve HER financial freedom goals on her OWN terms.

Liz & Andresa


The Real Estate InvestHER® Show

Check out more than 100 episodes of free content. Real Estate knowledge, business strategies and inspirational stories from women across the globe.

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Carol Scott

BiggerPockets Business Podcast Host

Liz and Andresa do an OUTSTANDING job, week after week, empowering women to take the leap into the traditionally male-dominated world of real estate investing. Together, they have created a community across the nation of people who share openly, support one another, and nurture relationships, realizing we are all stronger working as one. With a keen sense of emotional intelligence, this dynamic duo asks all the questions we didn't even know we needed the answers to until we hear them. Transparency, vulnerability, and accountability are common themes, and all who desire to better their lives and broaden their experience are welcome. 

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A platform where women can find a road map to create steady recurring income and live life on their own terms.

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