Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

5% Down for Small Multis: New Fannie Mae Policy with Jordan Nutter



Exciting update for Househackers – Fannie Mae has dropped the down payment for small multifamily properties to just 5%, lowering the barrier to entry for investors with limited capital or who live in expensive markets. Househacking isn't just about a place to live; it's a smart investment move. You can offset your mortgage and increase cash flow by renting out parts of your home or occupying a unit in a multifamily property, all while your equity grows.

Jordan Nutter, a Mortgage Loan Originator with over 300 transactions under her belt, will provide valuable insights into what this new policy means for investors and how you can capitalize on this cutting-edge tool to expand your real estate portfolio.

What you can expect:
-Learn about who qualifies for the new policy directly from an industry expert
-How to leverage the reduced down payment to maximize your investment returns
-Understand how to best assemble a team to guide you through the buying process

Identifying Your Next Real Estate Market Strategy



With less than half of Millennials currently owning residential properties, this generation represents an extensive, untapped market brimming with potential buyers. However, inventory shortages and high mortgage rates have delayed their home-buying journey, setting the stage for savvy investors to benefit over the next 5-10 years. In this webinar, we'll dive into powerful data and insights from the national real estate landscape, focusing on which investment strategies are poised to yield the highest returns.

Kevin Rodman, CEO of Asset Based Lending, LLC, brings over 30 years of experience in real estate. Having witnessed similar trends before, he has mastered the art of adapting to shifting markets throughout his career.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Understanding Millennials: Learn about the pivotal role Millennials play in today's real estate market and how they will influence it over the next 5-10 years. This is a key signal for investors to consider them as primary end-buyers in their flipping or development projects.

  2. National Market Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s most rapidly growing real estate markets.

  3. Behind the Growth: Explore the driving forces behind this remarkable market growth.

  4. Strategies for Success: Discover which investment strategies are destined to succeed and understand the rationale behind their prosperity.


2024 Real Estate Profit Strategies: Maximize Your Earnings with Mary Ragano & Tanvir Sattar



Are rental rate tweaks no longer cutting it for your real estate income goals? It's time for a paradigm shift. Embrace a strategic approach to truly harness the wealth potential of your property investments.

Step into the world of innovative real estate profitability with Tanvir Sattar, a seasoned investor and Business Development Strategist, and Mary Ragano, Senior Marketing Program Manager at Innago. They will guide you on how to to uncover supplementary income sources, gain insights on reducing expenses and utility costs, and acquire the knowledge and tools needed to unlock new opportunities.

What's in store for you:
  • Discover how to introduce new revenue streams into your real estate portfolio
  • Adopt practical measures to significantly reduce expenses and utility overheads.
  • Learn expert strategies to minimize tenant turnover and vacancies, solidifying the profitability and sustainability of your business.

InvestHER CON 2024


Take control of your future and make 2024 the year you cultivate a thriving, holistic business that prioritizes both financial stability and self-care.  Put yourself at the forefront and take the first step towards building not just wealth, but a legacy that will last for generations to come.

  • Pre-networking event
  • 2 Full days of transformational experiences
  • Access to over 20 Sessions with Keynotes and Speakers
  • Recordings from all sessions
  • Access to investors, mentors, and influencers
  • Mindful networking
  • Opportunities to connect with our sponsors + vendors
  • Coffee and Lunch included
  • Final Reception: Red Party Live
  • 30-day Group Accountability Virtual Session with InvestHER Founders Liz and Andresa
  • Exclusive Breakfast for STRIVE members only.  

Exclusive Events for STRIVE Members

With over 27 years of experience investing in Real Estate, we have helped thousands of women go from overwhelmed to striving investors.
Now is your turn! If you are looking for a board of women who are playing at the same level, STRIVE Mentorship Program is for you.


Exclusive Events for STRIVE Members

Our on-line and in-person events are designed to deepen relationships among the members and leverage the experience that every woman brings to the table.


Masterclass Series

Correlation between your hormones and your productivity with Dr. Shannon Bundy

December 21st, 12 PM EST

Are you tired of battling anxiety, fatigue, and metabolism problems? These challenges are often linked to hidden hormone imbalances, and they can have a significant impact on your daily life. Take control of your health and well-being by understanding the crucial connection between your hormones and your productivity.

In this masterclass, Dr. Bundy, a renowned expert in health restoration and full-body care, will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to regain control of your health and its effects on your life. With a focus on healing from the inside out, Dr. Bundy will delve deep into the world of hormones, helping you pinpoint the root causes of your symptoms, to demystify the issues that have you have been experiencing. Get ready for a transformative experience as we reveal the ways you can rebalance your hormones to step into being, and feeling like, your best self.

What you will learn:
How hormonal balance influences your overall health and productivity.
Techniques to identify the root causes of your symptoms.
Practical steps to initiate the process of rebalancing your hormones.

Navigating Probate Real Estate: Legal, Tactical and Marketing Insights from a Probate Attorney with Jennie Farshchian

January 18th, 12 PM EST

Uncover the keys to probate profits in our upcoming masterclass, where we address the pain points investors face in navigating the intricate world of probate real estate. Join this masterclass to gain strategic and legal knowledge from an attorney's perspective so you can navigate probate transactions with empathy, confidence and success.
Jennie G. Farshchian is a renowned Real Estate and probate attorney with a focus on investor representation, the owner of an investor-friendly title and escrow company, and a real estate investor herself. Jennie will guide you through what works and what doesn’t when it comes to probate transactions based on her experience working with investors for over 10 years.
What we'll cover
  1. Demystify the Probate Process: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the probate process, unraveling its intricacies with Jennie as your guide.
  2. Strategic Probate Property Acquisition: Discover tactics that go beyond the surface to ensure your acquisitions are not just successful but strategically positioned for profitability.
  3. Marketing Mastery for Premium Leads: Elevate your marketing game to generate high-quality probate leads. Learn from Jennie's proven experience what works and what doesn't when it comes to capturing opportunities in the probate market.


Registration for exclusive events is located inside our portal


Registration for exclusive events is located inside our portal

Mentorship Groups

Check your day/time with Mentors

Elevate your knowledge with Elevate your knowledge with PODs led by an InvestHER Mentor, a seasoned woman with a successful track record in a "strategy specific" investing niche. Mentors cover a wide variety of topics including: winning deals, syndication, out-of-state investing, single-family to multi-unit, processes, systems and more.

Monthly Alignment Coaching Call

Every 2nd Wed of the month, 7-8PM EST

Led by Andresa and Liz, the intention of this live call is to hold all the members accountable to the goals they set and the lifestyle they want to exemplify. We have built an exclusive yearly “Alignment Planner” that will be revised on a monthly basis.


STRIVE Book Club

Every 1st Thursday of the month, 1PM EST

To be the best versions of ourselves continuous personal development is essential, but we know it's not easy (nor fun) to do it by ourselves. The monthly Book Club will focus on three categories of books to help you live a financially free and balanced life: Business, Real Estate Investing and Self-Care. We're here to support you and hold you accountable to your personal development goals!

Monthly Live Mastermind

Every 4th Tuesday of the month, 7PM EST

This mastermind call will be led by Andresa and Liz. This is an opportunity to be on the "hot seat" and share a challenge or goal that you want to run by your very own advisory board. The community will offer you ideas, solutions and resources so that you have a breakthrough in your investing biz!