EP 217: MINISODE How to Create a Self Care Habit That Sticks

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One of the three pillars we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts is the pillar of self-care. We need to be taking care of ourselves as women.  

Duh, right?! We all know that. But the more I continue down my journey through independence, the more I realize that there is a gap between the ‘knowing’ and the ‘doing.’ It’s something we all know we need, but it’s not that simple. 

To have a healthy ‘self-care life,’ it takes creating habits that stay with us even when we’re not thinking about them. 

In this episode, we want to talk about the four buckets of self-care (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) and the habits to put in place to honor those four areas.

So give yourself a little break, take a breather, and dive into the conversation as we unpack how to create a self-care habit that sticks. 



• “Self care just doesn't happen by itself… It doesn't just happen without an intention, a really clear intention.” (2:55 - 3:04)

• “It's not outside of us. It's really something we want to feel more - that we're taking care of ourselves. we feel more present, you're more joyful, we feel more happy, we feel like we're creating this financial independence and this financial freedom in a way that is calm and is connected to what we're up to in our purpose.” (3:54 - 4:14)

• “Are you, on a daily basis, aware of how you feel and mindful of how you feel? And are you able to course correct when it's not serving you?” (6:24 - 6:35)

• “Be present to what's going on today in every conversation, with everyone you have. I don't have to be perfect. I might get a little triggered in different ways for different things, but just be aware.” (9:38 - 9:43)

• “Something that I've done, that's been helpful as a habit… I've been having a scheduled time to think… For me, scheduling that time to literally ask myself and check in with myself has been really helpful. (11:04 - 11:39)

• “What is the area for you that if you created a new habit on a weekly basis, it would create a lot more balance for yourself?” (12:07 - 12:14)


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