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EP 177: How She Bought an 88-Unit from Overseas with Suzy Sevier

Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from taking the leap.  On today’s episode, we talk with Suzy Sevier on how she took down an 88-unit apartment building from overseas in her first year of investing.

You don’t have to start small in real estate investing.  We discuss with Suzy how she skipped over single-family...

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EP 175: Why This Doctor Invests in Land, Self-Storage, and Much More with Vanessa Peters

Diversification is important so get into the space that isn’t crowded. On today’s episode, we talk with Vanessa Peters, doctor and investor, on how she got into syndications and why she focuses on portfolio diversification.

Investing shouldn’t be emotional especially when it comes to hedging risk. We discuss with Vanessa why...

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EP 152: Retiring at 27 with $10k a Month in Passive Income

The beautiful thing about achieving financial independence through real estate is that it frees up time so you can pursue things you are passionate about. On today’s episode, we talk with Rachel Richards, investor and author, about how she was able to quit her job and retire at 27.

Rachel started investing in 2017 and quickly grew her...

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