EP 218: From an $8 a Week Food Budget to Becoming a Millionaire with Sandhya Seshadri

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Sandhya Seshadri is an absolute powerhouse in the multifamily space, but it didn’t get like that overnight. Sandhya’s started with only having $8 a week for food to her name. Three years later, she began generating millions in multifamily investments!

Sandhya’s strengths lie in acquiring cash flow positive and value-add multifamily assets in low crime neighborhoods. She increases property value, improves communities, and maximizes ROI for her investors by focusing on value-add in Dallas, Fort Worth, and specific Texas markets.

She has unique experience as a general partner in all aspects of multifamily, from broker relationships, underwriting, analysis, and raising capital to asset management and closing syndication deals. 

On the LP side, she is currently involved with 20 multifamily properties totalling 3500+ doors with $1.4M+ invested.

You’ll discover that Sandhya has so much wisdom in all aspects of commercial real estate, and you’re going to come away with a lot of golden nuggets from this episode. 

 So jump in and check out Sandhya’s incredible story and the strategy that took her from an $8 a week food budget to becoming a millionaire! 



• “The biggest tip I would give people to find their first deal is to say: how you get experienced partners to join you is by figuring out how you can add value to them.” (7:49 - 8:00)

• “Our passive investors are getting a 3.18x return in 26 months. So in other words, $100,000 is becoming $318,000 with this closing. It's just insane how well this property has done through COVID. And the reason is the community activity.” (21:38 - 21:55)

• “As an immigrant, I came here with two suitcases and an $8 a week food budget, and I got a scholarship to attend school, which is why I was able to afford living here.” (25:52 - 26:01)

• “ So in terms of the starting from rags to riches kind of concept, I think the mindset is the most important thing. And if you have the determination, there will always be a way and there will always be mentors along the way who will help you get there.” (28:20 - 28:33)

• “So what is it that people come to you for? Figure that out very quickly and from there go in and say, ‘how can I apply this to my real estate world?’” (29:47 - 29:56)

• “Wherever you are, don't say that that's the only place for you to stay. You can do a lot more. (37:37 - 37:42)


Connect with Sandhya Seshadri:

IG: @sandhya_multifamily

FB: https://www.facebook.com/sandhya.seshadri.9 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/multifamily4you/ 

Guest Website: multifamily4you.com 


Sandhya’s book recommendation:

Atomic Habits by James Clear


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