EP 222: How This Entrepreneur Turns Problems Into Fuel for Growth with Stephanie Betters

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Stephanie Betters “eats problems for breakfast,” her words! This mindset fueled Stephanie to create her business, Better Path Homes, a single-family residential wholesaling and new build company in Charlotte, NC. For her, everything boils down to taking care of people and helping to solve their problems.  

Stephanie is also the founder of SocialMediaREI, a Facebook Marketing company specializing in finding motivated sellers, and the founder of Left Main, a CRM for Real Estate Investors via a partnership with Salesforce.

This is all while working part-time as a Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner (what a powerhouse!). She believes that her background in Medicine has been the key to her success in the business arena.

Jump in and grab your daily dose of value as we talk about how this entrepreneur turns problems into fuel for growth!



• “Once I figured out what to do, I was like, Okay, I see how this business thing works… I saw that there is a huge amount of possibility here, we can really affect our future, we can really take control of our finances, of our family, of our path.” (11:50 - 12:11)

• “I think it all starts with people and understanding people… Medicine has really taught me to understand people and their problems.” (14:54 - 15:37) 

• “I think true expertise comes from matching other industries with other industries. Like, I think we have so much to learn from other industries, and that fresh perspective, I think can make you really, really good at your job.” (17:07 - 17:20)

• “It is okay that you have problems because that is a rung in the ladder of you getting to the next step. You just have to figure out how to emotionally handle problems.” (28:07 - 28:15)

• “If I can make an impact, a deep impact, and really help people, then that will be enough for me to take that next step forward in tackling a very large problem.” (32:30 - 32:38)

• “I think you need to know yourself, your own patterns, your own strengths, and weaknesses enough to know when you react the best to problems.” (34:47 - 34:54)


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