EP 223: MINISODE Building an Out-of-State Team with Confidence

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We know, first-hand, how scary and overwhelming it can be investing out of state. It’s just so outside of the comfort zone of being in control of your own backyard.

Little by little, you begin to realize that you need to move with the market, and sometimes that market may go beyond your own state. There’s no need to lose out on opportunities because of fear.

That’s why we want to tackle this topic today. Not only should you be able to build an out-of-state team to manage your projects, we believe you can do it with confidence! 

Dive into today’s episode for three takeaways that will get you up and building an out-of-state team with confidence.



• “Do you have people? Do you have a process? Do you have a system? Do you have something in place that's helping you source deals? Investor-friendly agents can be a great resource.” (3:40 - 3:49) 

• “Have you built a local team? And how do you do that? It starts with one ‘rockstar’ professional.” (4:56 - 5:02)

• “Structuring the deal is the other bucket that you're going to need team members for, out of state… Sometimes you may need to find them yourself.” (7:09 - 7:18)

• “The other bucket is then the managing part. That is the biggest problem people have when they're investing out of state - is in the execution.” (7:49 - 7:56)

• “Who do you need? Who could be on your core team or just a general team, from a ‘finding deal’ perspective, from a ‘structuring the deal’ perspective, and then thirdly, managing the project?” (9:11 - 9:21)

• “If you're not ready to step up your communication game and your relationship-building game and your leadership, then you may not be able to build out of state because it takes those skills.” (10:21 - 10:29) 



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