EP 224: Take Charge of Your Money and Mindset with Kim Kiyosaki

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Women play vital roles in investment, and it’s Kim Kiyosaki’s mission to create a world of women who reach financial freedom by leveraging financial literacy to pursue their dreams.  

Kim is an internationally-renowned speaker, author of the titles Rich Woman and Good Deal Bad Deal, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host, and the founder of RichWoman.com.

Through her book and work with her ex-husband, Robert Kiyosaki at the Rich Dad company, she helps women take control of their own financial destiny. The bottom line is that money has tremendous power and can either make us or break us depending on how we take control of it! 

This episode is action-packed! We cover everything from investing to business strategies; and, most importantly, how to take charge of your money and mindset. 



• “You've got to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow.” (8:12 - 8:14)

• “Never, never, never, ever let the excuse, ‘I don't have the money,’ stop you from doing a good real estate deal. Never! I always say find the deal first… because then it becomes real.” (11:41 - 11:56)

• “Every property is a business, and you've got to treat it like a business. As long as you're actively involved, and you know what's going on, or you have access to the team, that's really, really important.” (18:02 - 18:12)

• “The mistakes are the most valuable thing. Never lose sight of a good mistake.” (30:58 - 31:03)

• “I think women do bring a whole lot to the table and… I don't see a lot of women with really big egos, buying properties for status. We buy properties for cash flow, and we want that bottom line to be pretty.” (43:15 - 43:30)

• “Once you handle the mind, the ‘doing this’ becomes a whole lot easier.” (56:27 - 56:31)


Connect with Kim Kiyosaki:

IG: @therealkimkiyosaki

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Website: https://www.richdad.com/ 


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