EP 243: Success Story: Zero to 56 Units in 1 Year (Minisode)

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Sometimes we just keep going in life, working, pushing and growing, but we rarely take the time to see the amazing things we have achieved in our business.

In this Minisode, Liz and Andresa highlight the importance of making a pause and celebrating successes, in this case, one of their community members. They will provide you with some tips and strategies so you can also have something similar.

Success does leave clues, and you will discover it by understanding the value of getting advice from the right people.

Let’s get ready to dive into Sia Fang's success story, and how she went from 0 to 56 units in 1 Year!



• “Anything you want to do in this business of investing has been probably done before by someone” (3:03 - 3:08)

• “I'm a huge listener of various podcasts, so is Andresa, and I'll hear someone get interviewed, it really moves me, it really resonates with me.” (3:55 - 4:04)

• “We can mentor her [Xiaofeng], she can get what she needs. And we can also add value to the women in our community..” (5:29 - 5:36)

• “ Once you do get support, someone pours into you. Worst thing you could do is just take that advice, or take that and not share with them [mentors] and update them, not share with the how they helped you” (6:57 - 7:08)

• “You have to take massive action, but in micro steps. So we all want to take massive action, but you don't take massive action in one day, because you're gonna kill yourself.” (8:05 - 8:13)

• “She added value to us by being a participant in our life. We added value to her by pouring into her and giving her ideas, right? So it's a two way street.” (9:23 - 9:29)

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