EP 390: What Rehabbing Over 20 Properties Has Taught Me

Aug 14, 2023


In this episode, we are going to have the expertise of the accomplished Vivian Yip. Vivian is a supply chain professional with 20 years of international experience. Skilled in operations, procurement, logistics, and inventory management, she specializes in process improvement using SAP R/3. Vivian's passion lies in strategic supply chain management, particularly in the food industry, where she values whole foods, organic health, sustainability, and process optimization. She has a track record of driving results, including winning Apple AMR Operations awards and improving inventory turnover and availability.


In this episode, Vivian shares insights on effective communication, emphasizing loyalty with her husband and contractors. Vivian promotes self-reflection and taking responsibility when things go wrong. She advises caution in assuming market conditions and staying within one's limits. The couple emphasizes celebrating triumphs and learning from failures. Vivian explores midterm rentals, discussing property acquisition, renovations, and long-term renting. She examines diverse traveler profiles, including remodelers and relocators. Lastly, she highlights market anticipation and loss of use insurance for maximizing profits.



  • “A partnership thrives on recognizing our strengths, weaknesses, and staying in our respective lanes. That keeps us grounded and ensures success.” (13:14 – 13:40)
  • “Every obstacle is an opportunity. This is a way for us to really get aligned with what we are supposed to be doing.” (23:42 – 24:00)


Connect with Vivian:

Youtube: Austin House Flippers

LinkedIn: Vivian Yip

Facebook: Austin House Flippers

Website: Corporate Rentals USA


Resources Mentioned:



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