Furnish Smart, Save Big: Maximizing Your Rentals Potential

furnished rentals real estate real estate investing short term rentals Apr 17, 2024

You've crunched the numbers, found the perfect investment opportunity, and closed on the property. Now you're stuck with the expense and headache of furnishing your rental to prepare it for guests. In this webinar, Ally Goltz will walk you through how to simplify the shopping process, save money on everything you need to stock your space and turn your furnishings and amenities into revenue-generating assets.

Ally is the Head of Partnerships at Minoan, a platform that has helped tens of thousands of real estate investors, ranging from large boutique hotels to independent investors, simplify and save on furnishing their rentals. By attending this webinar, you will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to strategically furnish your rental properties to maximize their appeal and profitability.

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