Generational Wealth: 5 Tailored Strategies for Women

abundance financial literacy financial plan financialfreedom generationalwealth wealth Sep 19, 2023


The primary motivation for women diving into real estate is to establish generational wealth. Yet, surprisingly, many conventional strategies don’t align with the distinct perspectives and challenges women face.


During this event, Brittni Sennett, MBA, a Financial Advisor with a heartfelt mission to radically redefine possibilities for women and their finances, shared the comprehensive financial planning that many women yearn for, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for generations.


Here is what you can expect from this webinar:

  1. Discover core risk management strategies tailored specifically for women.
  2. Learn how to leverage overfunded permanent life insurance to your advantage.
  3. Uncover the secrets to not just growing, but also sustaining wealth across multiple generations.
  4. A unique InvestHER link to book a strategy session with Brittni

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