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EPISODE 478 Are you looking for reliable landlord insurance but not sure where to go? This episode is for you! Typically, real estate investors don’t want to talk about insurance. They only start asking about it when it’s too late and something catastrophic has happened and they find out they’re uninsured. However, we want to change this, which is why, today, we have a special guest at The Real Estate InvestHER Show.

Her name is Datha Santomieri and she is the co-founder and VP of Insurance for Steadily, America's best-rated landlord insurance provider. Datha is a veteran of GEICO’s management training program where she rotated through service, sales, underwriting, claims, and business/product planning. After GEICO, Datha joined Brown & Brown as a regulatory and compliance auditor and later implemented operational best practices as a regional operations leader in the National Programs division.

In this episode, Datha will be discussing the difference between homeowners and landlord insurance, the difference in coverage needs for long-term vs. short-term rentals, the importance of good risk management, and more. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Homeowners insurance vs landlord insurance (01:42)

Are you underinsured or overinsured? (04:50)

Adjusting your insurance based on your exit strategy (07:39)

Datha’s favorite success stories (20:25)

What to do if your policy expires (23:12)

Your next steps (26:30)


Additional Resources:

✨ Steadily offers fast and affordable landlord insurance. They have expertise in insuring properties that have creative financing, and carry specific coverages tailored to the STR and LTR market. They offer expertise for this niche market so it is easier to work with them, much faster, and usually have better rates and coverages. Go to for more.


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