How to Revive Dilapidated Properties Despite Rising Costs | Katie Neason

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EPISODE 456: In this week’s episode of The Real Estate InvestHER Show, we sit down with the brilliant Katie Neason.

Katie is a real estate entrepreneur, an active investor and an incremental developer. She started out investing in 2006 buying a one-bedroom condo for $17,000 and then house hacked her horse barn by turning a space into an apartment and rented it out.

After that, Katie began buying vacant fourplexes out of bankruptcy, renovating them, leasing them up and selling them to investors, before pivoting to fixing and flipping single-family houses in her hometown of Bryan, Texas.

Katie spent 7 years in commercial banking and 7 years on the executive team of a startup company as the Real Estate Development Officer before taking the leap and quitting her W-2 job to become a full time real estate investor.

In the last few years, Katie’s vision and passion has expanded to include reviving dilapidated and abandoned buildings in and around the city center of her hometown and redeveloping city lots to construct beautifully designed mixed-use buildings.

In this episode, Katie will be sharing with us her journey, how she is developing boutique apartments despite the rising costs, why creating vibrant neighborhoods is a must, the intricacies of urban revitalization through real estate development, and more.

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Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Katie (00:21)

How to choose the right downtown (02:10)

Red flags to look out for (07:39)

A project walkthrough from Katie (13:29)

How to be a successful urban developer (21:50)

Let’s talk financing (32:54)


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