Increase Your Profits With These Budget-Friendly Renovation Hacks

Apr 16, 2024

Ever felt paralyzed by the task of renovating your investment properties, unsure if the financial payoff will be worth the stress and effort?

Then this week's episode of The Real Estate InvestHER Show is for you, because it might just change your perspective and arm you with the strategies you need to make every renovation a triumphant success!


Simply because in it, our guest will be highlighting all the best ways to plan everything you need for a stress-free renovation.

But first, who’s our guest exactly?

Well, her name is Carmen Cervantes, and she is an architectural designer, a real estate investor, and a course creator who has worked in both commercial and residential real estate.

With her extensive background in real estate and her expertise in design, Carmen comes with a lot of knowledge and invaluable insights on cost-saving strategies, the critical areas of investment in both flips and rentals, and the benefits of comprehensive pre-renovation planning.

In this episode, she touches on the importance of planning, why your team can make or break your renovation, why you should learn about the basics of construction and design as a female real estate investor, and more.

Ready to learn how to renovate like a pro?

Then tune in now!

Key Takeaways:
Introduction (
Where to invest your time (
One team, one vision (
Where to invest your money (
Does every renovation add value? (
Let’s talk about construction management (
How to save money on construction (
What happens at the end of each project (
Our fabulous three questions (

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