Land Development Is Today’s BIGGEST Opportunity, Don’t Miss Out on It

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EPISODE 486  Finding multifamily properties that make sense financially is getting harder, and this is why this week, we’ll be sharing with you solutions for this issue that has been plaguing real estate investors all over the country. To do this, we invited an amazing guest on this episode of The Real Estate InvestHER Show, the brilliant Amy Johnson.

With over ten years of experience in real estate, Amy has accomplished developing 400,000 square feet of Class A Self-Storage and 2000 acres of single and multifamily residential units, and has managed the rehabilitation of over 250 apartment units in revitalization areas. In this episode, Amy will be sharing with us her best land development strategies. She’ll also be discussing the importance of selecting the right market for your land developments, how to assemble the right team for you, how to structure your land deals, the steps you need to take to transform raw land into valuable properties, and more. Are you ready for this? Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

How to make land deals work (01:29)

Market analysis (04:50)

How to assess supply and demand (12:16)

The first steps of land development (16:40)

Why you need a local civil engineer (28:21)

How to start developing land (31:23) -


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