EP 192: What She Has Learned From Operating Over 2000 Multifamily Units with Arleen Garza

multifamily passive investing syndication Aug 20, 2021

“We look at markets that have good job growth, good population growth and that are landlord-friendly. Those three things are key,” says Arleen Garza, Principal at Real Estate Equity Partners. Arleen tells us that real estate investment doesn’t have to be overly complex; instead, it’s all about finding a formula, repeating what works and revising what doesn’t. It is this approach that has launched Arleen to success as a multifamily syndicator, allowing her to thrive even when times got tough during the COVID pandemic.

Over the years, Arleen has passively invested in over 3,500 doors and currently owns and manages over 2,000 doors. Her wealth of knowledge in the industry is a goldmine for listeners, whether they are looking to get started in real estate investment or to up their existing real estate investment game. Arleen explains that her willingness to build lasting relationships with brokers, her intentional awareness of market competitors, and her drive to go above and beyond for her residents have all been major contributors to her success.

Tune into today’s episode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show for a conversation about the most impactful takeaways Arleen has gleaned from operating over 2000 multifamily units. Learn how to find and perfect an investment formula, the best ways to discover off-market deals, and why building a team that will support your growth is the key to your success. 



• “What I found was that you just stick with it, you go back to what you know, you find the people that can fill in the gaps on what you don’t know, and you just keep moving forward.” (10:50-11:00)

• “There is a formula, there are basics to this process, and if you follow them, then you’re going to do fine. Real estate is an asset that’s very tangible. You can touch it, you can see it and, in terms of multi-family, they don’t build B and Cs anymore. They’re building Class A properties. (11:45-12:04)

• “We look at markets that have good job growth and good population growth and that are landlord-friendly. Those three things are key.” (17:20-17:30)

• “We distributed grocery bags full of food to people because that’s the right thing to do, and that was our way to show our residents that they truly do matter to us for more than just paying the rent.” (20:42-20:55)

• “During the time that nothing was happening, I took advantage of that time to talk to these brokers. ‘How are you doing? Are you going to be ok?’ Because their income was impacted, right?” (25:03-25:11)

• “If you’re new to this business, one: find a mentor, find somebody who has done this repeatedly, who has a good track record, a demonstrated track record. And then find a co-sponsor. Find someone that has also done it before, that knows the pitfalls and that can also be a good way to get you in the door with these brokers.” (33:26-33:50)

• “During COVID, we never shut our doors…. Instead, we took the approach of training our team on how to do their jobs safely. And so, that’s part of the reason why our NOI grew and our occupancy grew because we kept taking care of the residents. We didn’t stop.” (44:11-44:33)


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