EP 190: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Top-Producing Agent & Investor with Jonna Weber

agent business Aug 13, 2021

If Jonna Weber, founder of Jonna Weber Real Estate, has one piece of advice for aspiring real estate investors, it is to be intentional. This strategy applies throughout just about every aspect of the journey, from spending with intention to structuring your days with intention to intentionally choosing who you surround yourself with.

By living with intention, Jonna successfully made the transition from stay-at-home mom to top-producing real estate agent and investor. Jonna explains that the journey wasn’t easy; it took patience, resilience and the willingness to step out of her comfort zone. But by making intentional choices with her husband about their family’s spending and surrounding herself with the best of the best in the industry, Jonna gradually built up business and made a name for herself in the world of real estate.

Jonna is now leading the InvestHER eXp Team. Our mission is to empower women in Real Estate to live a financially free and balanced life, and we are extending our support to Real Estate agents worldwide.

Tune into this week’s episode of The Real Estate InvestHER Show for a conversation with Jonna Weber about taking the leap into real estate investing with purpose. Learn about the benefits of delayed gratification, the perks of being an information sponge, and why authentic self-worth must come from within.


• “I call it an inkling – and I want every woman to pay attention to that – that little voice in the back of their head, the ‘what-ifs.’ And that’s when I started thinking about real estate investing, when push came to shove and we needed to do something.” (9:36-9:50)

• “[The process has required] intention and making concerted choices, really intentional choices like driving old cars at the beginning, staying in the little house we had bought to be a rental….We stayed in that home for nine years, so we could continue to invest in other properties while we stayed small from a personal perspective.” (11:04-11:30)

• “I kept intentionally surrounding myself with those that had gone a lot further than I had and were pushing me. I had real estate coaches along the way, I had mentors along the way, top agents that I became friends with….It just gives you a belief like, ‘Oh my gosh, if they can do it, I can do it, and I can succeed.’” (18:41-19:00)

• “As women, we feel like we’re not worthy until we’ve reached a certain amount or a certain level, and that is so not true. We are worthy.” (25:10-25:20)


Connect with Jonna Weber: https://www.jonnaweber.com/



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