The Best Retirement Planning Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Apr 16, 2024

EPISODE 462: Only 66% of women express confidence in their ability to retire comfortably, compared to 76% of men. That is why today, more than ever, it is imperative that you gain the knowledge you need to close this gap.

We know, retirement planning can be a pretty daunting subject, especially in today’s market – which experts are now saying is heading into a recession –.

However, planning for your retirement shouldn’t be difficult if (and only if) you follow a few simple strategies to get you where you want to be during your golden years.

So, if you’re wondering where to start working on your retirement, this episode is for you, because in it, we sit down with an expert, the brilliant Anne Marie Rogers, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Quest Trust Company.

After joining the company in 2013, Anne Marie has played a pivotal role in growing Quest Trust Company and identifying new business opportunities.

She has extensive knowledge of retirement planning through alternative investing and more than a decade of sales and marketing experience.

As an investor herself, Anne Marie understands both the conceptual and practical uses of self-directed IRAs, with much of her investment experience in private lending and other passive investment opportunities.

As one of the lead female public speakers at Quest Trust Company, Anne Marie is passionate about educating Americans on the benefits of self-direction.

In this episode, Anne Marie will be discussing the tax-free gains on real estate investments within self-directed IRAs, how to approach retirement planning holistically, the biggest mistakes you can make while planning your retirement, the importance of closing the retirement confidence gap, and more.

Ready to maximize your retirement benefits?

Then run, don’t walk, and listen to this episode now!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)
Meet Anne Marie (
How to identify a comfortable retirement (
Don’t make these mistakes (
Is it too late for you? (
Self-directed IRA myths (
Retirement planning in the gig era (


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