EP 144: Solving Problems by Sticking to Your Strengths with Maria Friström and April Crossley

brrrr business flips multifamily rentals wholesale Nov 06, 2020

Focusing on your strengths will get you further in real estate than trying to improve your weaknesses. On today’s episode, we talk with Maria Friström and April Crossley, investors, businesswomen, and contributing authors of The Only Woman in the Room, where we talk about treating real estate as a business and releasing the tasks we’re not good at.  

April and Maria have problem solved their way to success. We discuss how you need to stop comparing yourself to others, the benefits of outsourcing low level tasks, and the mindset shift needed to start being the CEO of your business and not an employee. The ladies also share the lessons they learned while growing their portfolios and how they learned that the secret to success, is by solving problems.

In 2016, in search of balance, and financial freedom, Maria Friström left a life of eating out, catwalks and a killer job in Silicon Valley for a life of Dickies and tool belts; DIY-rehabbing and renting apartments in Helsinki, Finland. And she loves it. She started building her real estate portfolio from scratch as an income-less stay-at-home mom, and in a couple of years built a million-dollar portfolio. In 2018 Maria founded a real estate investment company in Finland where she now works full-time as the CEO focusing on buy-and-hold rental apartments using the BRRRR strategy. She believes tenants have the right to live in a wonderful home they love, which is why she designs the apartments individually and creatively adding some pizazz.

Maria is a public speaker, podcast host, and writer for BiggerPockets. When she’s not busy keeping her two toddlers from piercing each other with power tools, she loves meeting new people, teaching real estate and encouraging others to dare more. 

April Crossley is a no-nonsense educator and investor who helps people grow wealth with real estate. She began investing in 2004 when she started flipping houses as a side gig. Her first deal was completed on a joint venture with other people’s money. Since 2004 April has only purchased deals off market and has never used any of her own money to buy her flip projects or rental properties. She has raised millions in private funds and has trusted relationships with dozens of private lenders that she works with regularly.

She flips and wholesales between 20- 30 houses a year, owns a portfolio of small multifamily rental properties in Berks County, PA and she is also a private lender. April retired at the age of 35 from a 13-year long career in healthcare by investing in real estate. She currently lives in Berks County, PA and lives part time during the winter in Arizona. Since the start of her career she has helped a multitude of people retire from their careers early by teaching them how to flip houses or become private lenders via her consulting company Lazy Girl REI. April also organizes a real estate investment group in Berks County, PA and her YouTube Channel that she utilizes to help spread her message about growing wealth with real estate.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Maria and April including:

  • The power of staying in your lane by knowing your strengths
  • Why outsourcing low-enjoyment tasks can lead to greater success
  • How having a strong support group is crucial for growth
  • Steps to take to treat your business like a business


The Only Woman in the Room Compiled by Ashley Wilson 

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Maria Friström

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April Crossley

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