Up Close & Personal: Andresa’s Interview with J.P. Morgan

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InvestHer Interview with JP Morgan

Both Liz and I love having the opportunity to share some of our stories, the lessons we’ve learned, and any advice that we can give you from our investment journeys. So when J.P. Morgan’s Lauren Zumbach reached out for an interview we were more than obliged.

In this article, I’m opening up about why creating a community for women in real estate was so important and deeply personal for me, why it’s so valuable, as well as how I got started and ended up where I am today, investing in commercial real estate and multifamily properties.

You’ll learn the ONE question you need to ask yourself on a job to make sure you’re not in trouble and what you need to know before you write your first check.

I share about my mission and how it’s not to inspire women. My job is to help you take action. It doesn’t need to be an overwhelming action step; it can be a micro-step that creates momentum and propels you to take other micro-steps. 

We’re here to support you and walk with you every step of the way on your investment journey, whether that’s through our 11K+ member Facebook group, our podcast, or our LIVE InvestHER


Check out my article here to read more: 8 questions with The Real Estate InvestHER’s Andresa Guidelli

I hope this read is an additional tool to help you make the right investment action steps that get you that much closer to reaching what success is for you!

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