EP 387: Why I Threw My Annual Goals in The Trash

Aug 14, 2023



In this minisode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show, Liz and Andresa dive deep into the topic of goal-setting and the importance of reassessing your goals in light of personal and professional growth. They share their experiences of how the first quarter of the year brought intense lessons and realizations that caused them to discard their initial goals. They emphasize the need for clarity and alignment with your current self and offer insights into building teams and delegating effectively to create a sustainable business.


Join their empowering conversation and gain valuable insights to help you redefine and embrace your own goals.



  • “Empower yourself by delegating and assembling a team that suits your needs, regardless of its size. Building a sustainable business means taking things off your plate. Elevate your leadership skills.” (07:40 - 08:00)
  • "Take a moment to reflect on your goals and ask yourself, 'Am I still passionately aligned with who I am today and the vision I see?’ Let's embrace our goals with enthusiasm, not just for the sake of having them.” (09:01 - 09:27)


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